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Oakwood Dental Practice trading as Dental Health Solutions Ltd.  Registered in England and Wales Company Number 10723785; Registered address: 61 High Street, Botley, Southampton, SO30 2ES
Dental health examinations Your   first   appointment   allows   us   to   assess   your   dental   fitness   and   needs.   It   also   shows   us   how   we’re   able   to   help   to maintain   a   great   smile   and   fully   functioning   teeth.   We   may   use   diagnostic   tools,   such   as   x-rays,   as   these   allow   us   to give   the   very   best   advice.   Our   team   provides   a   focused   approach   and   this   is   always   based   around   your   individual needs. Cosmetic treatments We   offer   a   full   range   of   cosmetic   treatments,   which   include   orthodontic   alignment   of   teeth,   veneers   and   teeth   whiten - ing to anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. Gum treatment and preventative gum care You   try   and   keep   fit   and   eat   the   right   foods,   right?   Gum   disease   is   increasingly   the   focus   of   its   medical   links   to   other systemic   diseases   like   diabetes   and   heart   disease.   If   you   have   a   history   of   bleeding   gums,   early   interception   is   the key.   We   are   able   to   diagnose   and   treat   gingivitis   and   gum   disease.   By   following   our   treatment   recommendations, and with the help of our hygienist, you can enjoy all the benefits of healthy teeth and gums for longer. Hygienist Hygienists   are   specially   trained   and   focussed   on   helping   you   maintain   good   levels   of   oral   hygiene   by   giving   you tailored   advice   and   a   daily   preventative   regimen.   They   also   form   part   of   our   team   in   providing   targeted   treatment   by liaising with your dentist about your specific needs, so that you can benefit from the ideal solution. Restorative treatments This   treatment   helps   your   teeth   to   function   better   so   that   you   can   eat   more   easily,   which   gives   you   confidence   and restores   your   smile.   Treatment   may   also   include   replacement   of   missing   teeth   by   bridgework   or   dental   implants,   so that they may look, feel and work just like your natural teeth. Root canal therapy We   will   always   endeavour   to   save   your   teeth   rather   than   remove   them,   because   natural   teeth   are   best.   The   loss   of even   one   tooth   can   have   a   detrimental   effect   on   your   mouth   and   can   lead   to   your   other   teeth   drifting   into   the   gap, which   can   cause   problems   with   your   bite.   Root   canal   treatment   allows   us   to   save   teeth   that   would   otherwise   be   lost to   infections.   The   procedure   is   relatively   comfortable   and   often   painless   as   the   tooth   is   anaesthetised   during treatment. Sedation treatment Dr   Muller   has   provided   sedation   treatments   to   anxious   patients   for   more   than   15   years.   Most   dental   treatment   can be   carried   out   under   sedation   and   one   of   the   main   benefits   is   that   patients   will   feel   that   treatment   has   only   taken   a matter   of   minutes   when   it   may   have   taken   hours.   This   allows   complex   dental   treatment,   which   may   normally   take several visits, to be completed in fewer appointments. Please discuss sedation with your dentist if you feel you’d benefit from this service.