Do your teeth work properly?

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If we had a bad toothache, we would book an emergency appointment to see our dentist. But if we have lost a back tooth or have a twinge on one side of our mouth, we often accommodate this by chewing on the other side or choosing different foods.

At Oakwood Dental Practice in Botley, we saw a new patient recently who was aged in her 50s, had lost several back teeth and had a failing bridge. She hadn’t eaten a juicy steak for years and took so long chewing her food with her front teeth that her tea was cold by the time she had finished.

The psychological impact was causing her to avoid going out for meals with her friends and she felt so embarrassed by the state of her teeth that she covered her mouth when she spoke. Does this sound familiar to you?

Unhurried, calm dental care

Our aim is for our patients to have faith and confidence in their teeth, have their concerns and problems resolved and enjoy predictable results from their treatment. We want them to feel proud to show off their smiles – not hide them behind their hands or smile with their lips tightly shut.

We promise to listen

Grethe Louw and her team make a conscious effort to give our patients all the time, space and opportunity they need to let us know about any concerns they may have about their teeth, mouth or gums.

At our practice on the High Street you will experience first class dentistry with a focus on prevention, education and attention to detail. Our small, friendly team takes pride in its personal service and gentle, meticulous dentistry that reassures patients of all ages.

With us you are assured of a warm welcome and top-notch dental care. We allow plenty of time for our appointments so that patients do not feel rushed.

We genuinely care

Our personal, professional care and attention is open to patients of all ages and will provide you and your family with a lovely, reassuring service.

If that’s the kind of dental care you think you’d enjoy, then please contact us. The door to dental practice in Botley is always open to new patients from Southampton, Hedge End, Bishops Waltham and across Hampshire, so please get in touch to find out more.























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