Is sedation dentistry an option for you?

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Here at Oakwood Dental Practice, we are always aiming to deliver the best quality treatments to our patients, and always go the extra mile. We are proud to offer conscious sedation for anxious patients during dental treatment.

Dr. Hennie Muller is an experienced sedation dentist at Oakwood dental practice in Botley, Southampton, Hampshire.  Dr. Hennie Muller and his specially trained dental sedation team see patients with all forms of dental fear or anxiety.  If fear of the dentist, or a bad experience, like an anaesthetic that did not work, put you off from having dental treatment in the past, we can use techniques to help you relax get your dental treatment in a comfortable and calm environment?  By putting treatment off small problems, which could easily be rectified by simple treatment, can quickly become more complex problems and need more invasive forms of treatment later.

There are different types of sedation – Taking relaxing tablets and hour before treatment may be enough for some patients but by far the most profound sedation offered at the Practice is intravenous (IV) sedation.

At Oakwood Dental Practice we only offer conscious sedation.  The difference between conscious sedation and having a general anaesthetic (GA) in hospital is that with conscious sedation you remain responsive throughout the treatment, even though most patients report that they cannot recall most of the actual procedure due to the amnesic effect of the medication provided. Our team at Oakwood Dental Practice is specially trained to administer IV sedation.

IV sedation is very good in the treatment of dental anxiety, but there are a few other circumstances where it may also prove to be beneficial, for example difficulty with taking impressions due to a gag reflex or uncontrollable tongue thrust, which could make access for normal dental treatment complex. It also helps to provide patient comfort over very lengthy surgical procedures, like complex wisdom tooth removal, as well as dental implant placement procedures.

Another great benefit of conscious sedation is the relatively quick recovery time after the procedure, which means that a patient can go straight home afterward, providing that they have an escort to drive them home and preferably stay with them for a few hours.

Delayed going to the dentist, but feel you could be ready for this? Hennie is now taking bookings for appointments. If you wish to book a consultation to see if this could be for you, contact the practice on 01489 797902.

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