Protecting your teeth this Summer

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It’s July, and summer is officially here!

Longer days, picnics in the park, pool parties, barbeques…there’s a lot to look forward to during summer time. As life starts to slow down and you take a back seat, it’s easy to forget about your oral hygiene. To help you remember to keep those pearly whites in check, here are Dr Grethe Louw’s and Dr Hennie Muller’s summer teeth tips:

  1. Avoid using your teeth as tools

You may think that opening bottle caps or plastic packaging with your teeth is convenient, but this can cause your teeth to crack and chip! Keep a bottle opener or pair of scissors handy at the barbeque and only use your teeth for eating! Contact us if you would like to know more about repairing chips to your front teeth.

  1. Wear a mouth-guard when playing sports

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and play sports, but it is always advisable to wear a mouth-guard to protect those pearly whites when engaging in these activities.

School alert! Book in to see us before mid-August to avoid the rush and get your mouthguard sorted before term starts.

  1. Go easy on the treats

It’s easy to forget about your teeth, when all you want is a cold can of fizzy drink (or chilled glass of prosecco!) on a hot summer’s day, however remember to eat and drink everything in moderation.

These summer treats contain a high volume of sugars and acids, which can cause cavities, plaque and loss of enamel if over consumed. If you’re desperate to finish off all of the sweets, it is better to consume them in one sitting rather than space them out throughout the day.

Ice creams and ice lollies are cooling treats on those hazy, hot days but they can contain a lot of sugar so always check your labels if you are consuming them quite frequently.

If you find you can’t eat cold things or you find the experience painful due to sensitivity, visit your dentist or the hygiene team for a desensitising treatment.

  1. Going away?

If you’ve got an exciting trip planned this summer, remember to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste and floss and interdental brushes! (If you use an electric toothbrush, also remember your charger and a plug adapter too) Emergency dental kits can be a tooth-saver on holiday, but please remember book in to see us once you are back for a permanent job!

  1. Wear lip balm with SPF

It’s easy to forget to protect your lips when applying sun cream but your lips are more susceptible to burning than most parts of your body. Damage to them over time can lead to skin cancer so don’t forget to pack a small tube of your favourite lip balm in your beach bag this summer.

Cold sores have an annoying tendency to pop up due to sun damage, we recommended using a cold sore cream and staying out of the sun if one does appear.

  1. Drink Water!

It is important to ensure that you stay hydrated. The best way to do this is to drink water. This will help not only your oral health but your overall health too. Sip water between meals, it’s a good idea to carry a water bottle around with you but be sure to choose a reusable one to help reduce wastage and save the environment!

Water will keep your mouth moist and help wash away plaque and food deposits, reducing the harmful bacteria in your mouth and helping to keep your breath fresh!

Many popular drinks (fizzy drinks, coffee, sports drinks, alcohol!) can cause you to dehydrate or dry out your mouth, so try to drink in moderation!


Lastly, we want everyone to enjoy the summer but don’t forget to come and visit us at Oakwood Dental Practice in Botley for your next routine dental appointment!


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