Taking care of your teeth this Easter!

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Whilst Easter is a fun and tempting time of year with all the chocolate eggs and sweets available, we must not forget about our teeth as we are at a higher risk of tooth decay during this time of year. This compilation of Easter tips from the clinicians at Oakwood Dental Practice provides valuable insights into maintaining oral health during the festive period.

Grethe Louw Easter Grethe Louw’s Easter Tip – Keep Easter goodies out of the fridge and drink water after consuming them to wash away lingering chocolate and increase saliva flow, which helps neutralize harmful acids. Eating chocolate straight from the fridge can cause chips/fractures to teeth, which can spoil your Easter festivities. 

Hennie Muller Easter

Hennie Muller’s Easter tip – Opt for dark chocolate as a healthier alternative to milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is better for the teeth and overall health in general as it contains flavanols which are antioxidants and are linked to lower the risks of heart disease. Dark chocolate also contains polyphenols which help fight the overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth.

Anna Tooke Easter

Anna Tooke’s Easter tip- Try and eat any chocolate eggs/Easter treats straight after a meal instead of snacking on them throughout the day. Every time you eat something sugary it feeds the bacteria living on your teeth, raising acidity levels which can soften tooth enamel. Eating sugary treats as part of a meal reduces the frequency of acid attacks throughout the day. 

Richard Brookes Easter

Richard Brooke’s Easter tip –  Do not rinse after brushing make sure to just spit the access toothpaste out instead to try and leave as much fluoride on the teeth as possible. This will ensure our teeth have as much protection as possible from sugars and acids that are present in delicious Easter treats! 

Harry Egerton Easter

Harry Egerton’s Easter tip – Make sure you keep up your regular toothbrushing and flossing regime. Brush twice a day for at least two minutes. After brushing your teeth before bed don’t be tempted to eat any more of your Easter snacks. 

Susan Lynch Easter

Susan Lynch’s Easter tip – Try to eat like an Easter bunny and snack on raw carrots over the Easter period. Carrots are a healthy snack which contain vitamin A and beta carotene which helps keeps bones and teeth healthy. Also, carrots help massage gums when eating as it acts like a natural toothbrush

Maintaining good oral hygiene practices during Easter festivities is essential for preserving the health of your teeth and gums. By limiting surgery treats, practicing good oral hygiene, and making healthier snack choices, you can enjoy the holiday while minimising the risk of tooth decay and other dental issues. Remember to drink plenty of water, avoid hard sweets, and consider scheduling a dental check-up. With these simple tips, you can have a happy and healthy Easter season avoiding any emergency trips to the dentist.  

If you do experience any dental issues our doors are open to give a helping hand or any advice. We are a Southampton based Dental Practice in Hampshire accepting new patients.  

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