Nobody likes to be surprised by a bill they weren’t expecting, so we always provide written estimates to our patients following their treatment planning consultation. The following price list is a guide to our private fees for dental, hygiene, cosmetic and facial aesthetic treatments. You and your mouth are unique and as such our prices depend on the time allocated to your treatment and the materials used.

New patient dental health examination £55
Routine dental health examination £38
Digital X-ray £12
Full mouth X-ray £48
Emergency access appointment £58
Children (under 18)
Routine Dental Health Examination £20
Filling on baby tooth (per tooth) £72
Child hygienist appointment £39

Prevention and gum treatment
Hygienist appointment £60
Therapist: Gum treatment (per hour) £144
Follow up gum care (per 30 min) £72
Other treatment
Filling (white) From £98
Root Canal Treatment From £298
Crowns From £550
Crown (same day CEREC) From £550
Extraction From £109
Acrylic denture From £450
Cobalt-chrome denture From £950
Other appliances
Sports guard From £69
Orthodontic retainer (Essix) £68
Night guard From £125
TMJ splints/bite-raising appliances from £250
Teeth whitening
Home tray system (per arch) £250
Both arches £330
Top-up gel (per box of 2) £45
Invisalign £980-£4500
Comprehensive (includes retainers and tooth whitening) £3800-£4500
Dental implants
Dental implants (including crown) from £2,500
Dental sedation
Intravenous sedation From £250
Facial aesthetics
Consultation (included in fees quoted below) £48
Anti-wrinkle injections (one area) £150
Anti-wrinkle injections (two + areas/per vial) £300
Excessive sweating from £300
Dermal fillers (per syringe) from £285
Felc Nano Plasma (formerly Plexr) removal of skin tags from £150
Felc Nano Plasma (formerly Plexr) non-surgical blepharoplasty from £500 – £1,200